Sustainability at LUTZ Elevators

Our Vision 2027 "Enabling acces. Create quality of life." also sets the path for our sustainability strategy.

As a third-generation family business, our current and future actions are built on values that have endured for decades. Sustainability is firmly anchored in the family constitution of the Lutz family and is an essential part of the corporate policy of LUTZ Elevators. We thus face up to our responsibility in the areas of the environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

People's needs are constantly changing. Our aspiration is to make their everyday lives easier and thus create quality of life. We also live quality in terms of our customer experience. They should be consistently positive and with a high level of service.

Goal 1: LUTZ Elevators is independent of fossil fuels

Goal 2: LUTZ Elevators reduces its consumption of resources

Goal 3: LUTZ elevators supplies high quality products that have a longer life cycle than other elevators

Goal 4: LUTZ Elevators reduces its emissions during the usage phase of its elevator and thus actively contributes to climate protection

Goal 5: LUTZ Elevators designs a good, safe and fair working environment to maintain the long-term health and performance of our employees.

Goal 6: LUTZ Elevators has satisfied employees who are able to combine work and private life well with our New Work concept

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Mrs. Lisa Bauer
Head of Sustainability