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AIDAbella: The biggest smiles for elevators

The AIDAbella cruise ship was commissioned in 2008. With 252 meters long and 1015 guest cabins, passengers can enjoy their stay on board visiting an art gallery, a culinary workshop, relax within the wellness area or enjoy entertaining in the theater.


For an efficient and still pleasant flow of passengers, LUTZ Elevator built and assembled eighteen elevators for different purposes. 

The interior of the elevator fits in well with the interior of the vessel. The wall frames are different on each deck, supplying decks with their very own personality. Each deck has a certain colour scheme, which is also used on the tableau. All passenger decks from the third deck with cabins to sun deck are served by the elevator. During peaks, like right before dinner time, the destination call control of the elevators help getting passengers from the cabin to the restaurant levels. For transporting luggage or other priority trips, a key can be used to ensure smooth operation. 

Customized Interior
The interior of the elevator fits in well with the interior of the vessel.
Rope Elevator
Rope Elevator
Rope elevators simply cover great distances.
Through Loader
2 x 180°
An elevator with the variant as a through loader makes maneuvering much easier.
  • Load Capacity (kg)
  • 1000

  • Shaft Width (mm)
  • 2545

  • Cabin Width (mm)
  • 1100

  • Speed (m/s)
  • 1,60

  • Stops
  • 9

  • No. of Entrances
  • 2 x 180°