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It is no coincidence that we have developed a particular expertise in marine elevators. As a Hamburg-based company with a long tradition, we have always maintained close ties with the shipbuilding industry. We embrace the new trends shaping the shipyard industry and convert them into state-of-the-art marine elevator technology.

MS Helgoland Elevator

We are marine elevator specialists through and through. We have decades of experience since the first ships were equipped with our elevators in the 1950s.

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Jens Rabius
Mr. Jens Rabius
Head of Sales Marine Elevators New Installations

Our own specialized production facilities ensure that the entire process – design, production, assembly and maintenance – remains in the hands of experts from start to finish. This autonomy not only guarantees the highest levels of quality and sturdiness, it also allows you to be a part of the creative process at every stage. If the requirements change in terms of form, usage or design, all processes are in our hands and can be quickly adapted to the new situation. If you have a special function or shape in mind, our design specialists welcome the challenge. And the bigger the challenge, the more they enjoy their work, because it is then up to their creativity, craftsmanship and skill to formulate new ideas. We are the ones who ensure and guarantee that your new marine elevator installation will meet and exceed your expectations – from the first line on the blueprint to the last nut and bolt. Maximum reliability and safety in any situation are key requirements when marine elevators are installed in military facilities. With its sturdy and reliable technology, LUTZ Elevators is a tried and trusted partner.