Spare Parts Service for Marine Elevators

We guarantee maximum equipment availability through our worldwide spare parts service. Our extensive spare parts inventory enable us to provide swift delivery. Moreover, we also offer spare parts for other equipment brands. 

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Spare Parts

The ability to procure spare parts without a moment’s delay ensures minimum repair times. Thanks to collaborative ventures, we are well-acquainted with international logistics and technology partners.

Global Presence
Our marine elevator service is deployed worldwide to minimize downtime.
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At Your Request
We store a wide range of needed spare parts and are able to produce missing parts for all elevator brands at our factory.
around the clock
Around the Clock
Our team of certified specialists who are available 24/7 to handle any situation, no matter the location.

To assist your mechanics, all we require is your geographic location. We offer specialized training to your on-board mechanics and engineers for all elevators, with a focus on service and maintenance.

Periodic Maintenance
Periodic maintenance according to our protocol. Prerequisite is a maintenance contract (min. duration 2 years), which ensures performance continuity
Periodic Inspection
Annual/periodic inspections must take place in accordance with national (e.g. flag state) or international codes or classification society regulations.

Looking for a spare part for your marine elevator?

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Mr. David Jaramillo
Director Sales & Business Development
Michael Schuster
Mr. Michael Schuster

We strive to achieve unique quality using standard components. Our elevators are manufactured based on an open system, meaning that your ship will never be kept waiting for a rare replacement part. No matter where it happens to be at the time. Our global logistics service also ensures the provision of spare parts from third party manufacturers in order to guarantee that your vessel leaves port on schedule.

We will gladly handle German customs clearance on your behalf. Spare part replacement can be carried out by our qualified LUTZ installation team anywhere in the world – both onshore and offshore.