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We offer full-service for all types of marine elevators, including maintenance, safety inspections, spare parts service, class requirements and emergency service. An international network of service partners is the backbone of our worldwide warranty.

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Ships need to run constantly to be economically viable. That is why we work with a global network of lift specialists to ensure that your elevator is repaired as quickly as possible.

International Network
With our global network, we can help you in every port
spare part
Spare Parts Service
With many spare parts in our warehouse, we can ensure you get the right part on time
Brand Independent Service
No matter what brand your marine elvator is from: Our experts can take of all types and brands of elevators

Our Mechanics Need Just One Thing: Your Geographic Coordinates

Whether on an offshore platform, a super yacht or on cargo ships: Our elevator installations come with highly specialized training for your on-board mechanics and engineers. The focus is on service and preventive maintenance to ensure that problems are anticipated and avoided in the first place. Our team consists of trained and certified specialists who are ready to handle any situation, at anytime and anywhere in the world.


When Service Knows no Bounds

LUTZ Elevators is fully certified to provide our customers with every service-related document, including the manufacturer’s general inspection certificate. We will dismantle your entire elevator to test and control the components without affecting the warranty. Our marine elevators services enhance the efficiency of our high-quality elevators. We provide service coverage for all brands of marine elevators. We offer a comprehensive marine elevator service that includes maintenance, annual safety inspections, a spare parts service, OEM certification and class requirements as well as emergency service. Entrust your on-board service to us and we will inform you when essential certificates are due to expire. Not sure, what regulations apply to your marine elevator? Our experts can help!


Spare Parts: Global Logistics for the Fastest Service

We strive to achieve unique quality using standard components. Our elevators are built on an open system, which means that your ship will never have to wait for a rare spare part. No matter where it is. Our global logistics service also ensures the supply of spare parts from third party manufacturers to ensure your vessel leaves port on schedule. Primary spare parts such as traveling cables, main wire rope hoists, processor units and frequency controllers are available at short notice. We are happy to handle German customs clearance on your behalf.

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