owner’s elevator

Private Yacht: Calling of the sun deck

In this 66-meter-long noble private yacht shines a lift with high-quality equipment and the highest level of safety. The result is a 5-passenger elevator that fully meets weather and safety requirements on all decks.

yacht elevator

On the high seas, nothing is left to chance. And so the construction of the elevator on this 66-meter-long private yacht was also an interesting task for the engineers at LUTZ-Aufzüge, taking into account safety aspects and the demands of the owner. The result is a 5-passenger elevator that fully meets the weather and safety requirements on all decks and at the same time is in no way inferior to the luxurious appearance and fine details of the yacht. These include the steering column and door sills made of gold-colored stainless steel, as well as the shaft fittings finished in special automotive paint. After all, the technology should be visible and do full justice to the visual appearance. The glazing of the shaft frame was made in special yacht quality, just as the elevator parts leading to the outside areas were made of weather-resistant elements. A special feature is the cabin ceiling equipped with indirect lighting. It contains an escape hatch that can be opened from the outside in an emergency.

noble materials
Noble Materials Matching the Interior
An elevator with noble materials, matching the interior of the yacht.
Hydraulic Elevator
Hydraulic Elevator
Efficient use of space as well as favorable acquisition and maintenance costs.
Front Loader
1 x 90°
The classical variant of elevator doors.
  • Load Capacity (kg)
  • 400

  • Shaft Width (mm)
  • 1400

  • Cabin Width (mm)
  • 1030

  • Speed (m/s)
  • 0,60

  • Stops
  • 4

  • No. of Entrances
  • 1 x 90°