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With our trainings, we can educate your on-board personell to carry out a variety of tasks for the elevator. 

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Training Crew
Legal basis
Legal Basis
Explanation of legal principles and operating regulation
Multi Media Support
Multimedia Support
Multimedia support in the form of pedagogic presentations, videos, simulations of operations, will be proposed for training classes
Hands on Learning
Pedagogic blocks useable onboard or ashore by crew members in order to revise before operational use of systems.

Person Release Course

Despite careful controls, elevators can get stuck and trap people. In such situations, it is particularly important that people are freed from the elevator in the shortest possible time.The Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health requires elevator operators to quickly free persons trapped in the elevator. We offer courses to enable your nominated technicians course to initiate and carry out rescue measures properly to meet the given requirements and to ensure a proper rescue of persons. As the operator of an elevator system, you must also ensure that emergency calls from an elevator car are responded to within a reasonable time.

Offshore Training

Courses for Offshore Plattforms

With this 2 x day seminar offshore on the platform on the elevator, you will acquire the expertise to be able to maintain elevator systems in compliance with the law. You will gain the necessary knowledge about the structure and function of elevator systems, about the legal principles and operating regulations.The focus of the training should include comprehensive information on the applicable safety requirements for elevator maintenance. It shows the particular hazards of being in machine rooms, elevator shafts, during inspection travel and in the shaft pits. We teach the essential safety equipment and components on the elevator and how to handle them during maintenance and servicing.

If you have a crew on board we are happy to train them. Depending on their backgrounds, different trainings might suit best.

Operating Personell
Instructed persons (operating personnel)
These persons have been instructed about the tasks assigned to them and potential hazards in case of improper conduct by means of training provided by the operator.
Technical personell
Technical personnel
This includes all assembly personnel, maintenance personnel as well as qualified electrical personnel.

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