Elevators on Ferries

Elevators on ferries must meet the high standards of comfort, aesthetics and safety that are common for traveling on sea. People starting their holiday with a ferry will expect impeccable service on board and no waiting time for elevators. 

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Design and aesthetics are very important as elevators on cruise ships or ferries are often part of the overall architectural design. Due to the large numbers of passengers and crew members, elevators must have sufficient capacity. We support our customers at every stage of the process – from first interaction to the issuance of the elevator service certificate. Our expert elevator technicians are available globally. This ensures immediate response and action anywhere in the world.

Accessibility is Key
Elevators on ferries must comply with the strict guidelines for barrier-free travel to guarantee the transportation for all passengers.
High Frequency
High Frequency
The construction and material of the elevators are designed for heavy loads and a high number of trips. All individual components are matched to each other.
service technicians
Constant Availability
Our service technicians are available 24/7 all year around the globe and are on duty in all major ports around the globe.
Maintenance by Experts

Frequent maintenance by experienced experts is mandatory due to the high frequency of use and strain.

Inhouse Design
In-house Design

Our in-house construction department ensures that the design meets all customer needs and requirements.

In-house production
In-house Production

We provide in-house production for electrical and mechanical components to meet customer needs and requirements.

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Jens Rabius
Mr. Jens Rabius
Head of Sales Marine Elevators New Installations

We design our services according to your vessel’s specific requirements. Our global as well as resilient network in all major ports worldwide has been in place for decades. When it comes to elevators on ferries, high standards of comfort, aesthetics and safety are applied. Elevators on cruise ships or ferries are often part of the overall architectural design, therefore design and aesthetics are very important. At every step of the process, we provide support to our customers, starting from their initial interaction until the elevator service certificate is issued. Our team of skilled elevator technicians is available worldwide, ensuring immediate response and action no matter where you are. These elevators are specially designed to handle heavy loads and a large number of trips. All the individual components are carefully coordinated to work seamlessly together. Our service technicians from LUTZ Elevator are available 24/7 throughout the year, covering all major ports worldwide. Due to the high frequency of use and strain, regular maintenance by experienced professionals is essential. We have an in-house department dedicated to electrical and mechanical components, catering to the unique needs and requirements of your vessel. Our extensive global network, established for several decades, ensures reliable services in all major ports across the globe.